超声波是一种简单的, 安全, painless diagnostic procedure that bounces high- frequency sound waves off parts of the body and captures the returning “echoes” as images.  澳门金沙赌钱总站 offers a full realm of ultrasound services including pelvic, 颈动脉多普勒, 睾丸, 甲状腺, 腹部, 胸腔穿刺术, 穿刺术, 和血管/多普勒.

During an ultrasound examination, a patient will typically be positioned on their back. The area of the body being examined will be exposed and a warm gel will be applied. 然后将传感器紧紧贴在皮肤上, 在凝胶中, 来回移动, 接收回声/图片. Some ultrasound exams require a cylindrical transducer to be inserted into the vagina in order to view the anatomy located in the pelvis.


Sometimes, a special application of ultrasound, called Doppler ultrasound, is used. Doppler ultrasound measures the direction and speed of blood cells as they move through arteries and veins.

  • 看看胳膊和腿上的静脉是否有血栓
  • 评估肝脏和脾脏的静脉和动脉
  • 评估手臂和腿部的血流量
  • 评估向肠道供血的动脉


Throacentesis ultrasound is a procedure utilized in removing fluid when present in the area around the lungs.

Patients anticipating this exam can anticipate being asked to assume a sitting position to best allow the physician to remove the fluid. Fluid is removed by needle, but typically, patients experience minimal discomfort.

Your physician will examine the fluid drained from your 胸部 and will advise of your pathology report within a few days.


An echocardiogram is a test using sound waves to create moving images of the heart. The images are more detailed than a plain x-ray and involve zero exposure to radiation. 超声心动图 are used in the detection of abnormalities of the heart’s chambers and valves, 杂音, 心脏周围积液, 心室壁运动. 在一家, a trained sonographer uses a transducer to send and receive sound waves which will form images to be evaluated by a cardiologist.

A stress echo consists of an echocardiogram before and after a vigorous exercise regimen.  它结合了心脏的超声波研究, 通过压力测试, becoming especially useful in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease and the presence of blockages in the coronary arteries (the vessels supplying blood to your heart).


多巴酚丁胺应激回声可以用来观察运动中的心脏, 尤其是对那些不能运动的病人. 药物被用来提高心率, thus simulating the effects of exercise in order to successfully examine the wall motion of the heart both at rest and while beating faster.

Nuclear stress testing is another way of examining the heart under stress to determine how well the heart and body are working as the heart beats faster. The patient is given an injection containing a small amount of radiation so that blood supply can be easily observed using a nuclear scanning camera. This procedure shows doctors to compare how much blood flows through the heart muscle at rest versus while stressed.


心电图是用来记录心脏电活动的. It can tell your doctor if you are currently having a heart attack or have had on in the past. 它可以显示你的心脏跳动的速度, 显示规律和不规则的节拍, 指出心脏的大小和形状, 可能还有先天性心脏缺陷的建议. Patients undergoing an EKG can anticipate electrode patches being placed on the bare skin of the arms, 胸部, 和腿. The electrodes are then connected to a machine which records the heart’s electrical activity for the duration of the test.

类似于心电图, a Holter monitor is used to monitor and record the electrical activity of the heart. 不像心电图, a Holter is a small portable device to be worn for a 24-hour period while the patient goes about his or her daily activities. Electrodes connected to the monitor provide continuous data which later will be evaluated by a physician.


An 腹部 ultrasound is performed when physicians wish to examine the organs inside the 腹部 cavity, 包括脾脏, 肝, 胆囊, 胃, 胰腺, 大肠, 小肠, 附录, 和膀胱.

Reasons for an 腹部 ultrasound at HCCH typically include 腹部 pain, 反复呕吐, 肝肾功能异常, 胃肿, 并且可以帮助评估受伤情况, 或者疾病, 腹部器官. 经常, 阑尾炎, 幽门狭窄, 肾结石或胆囊结石, 腹部肿块, 或者腹腔积液需要腹部超声检查. 腹部超声波也可以用来指导手术, 有助于确保针头或导管的准确放置.

如果你准备做腹部检查, 包括检查任何腹部血管或器官, plan to be NPO after midnight (at least eight hours of fasting) prior to the examination. This means nothing to eat or drink as well as no smoking or chewing gum. (Smoking and gum chewing increases 胃 activity as well as swallowing. This in turn increases gas in the GI tract, thus interfering with the examination.)

You should not have barium studies or endoscopy studies within 24-hours prior to your ultrasound. 近期静脉造影, 比如用于CT扫描的对比剂, 可能导致碗气增加对研究产生不利影响.

Medications that must be taken prior to your exam should be taken with as little water as is necessary.

Diabetic patients should consult their physician concerning their medication and fasting.


在一家, a pelvic ultrasound may be ordered for diagnosis and treatment of the pelvic and vaginal areas.

在女性, 盆腔超声最常用于评估膀胱, 卵巢, 子宫, 子宫颈, 还有输卵管.

 In men, pelvic ultrasound is used to evaluate the bladder, seminal vesicles, and prostate.

盆腔超声也可以帮助识别肾结石, 膀胱肿瘤, 以及其他膀胱疾病.

盆腔超声检查时, it is necessary for the patient to have a full bladder in order to distend the urinary bladder to displace small bowel and gas from the field of view. Plan to drink 32 ounces of fluids (carbonated beverages should be avoided) so that your bladder is full at the time of your exam. 如果你的膀胱不满, you may be asked to return to the patient waiting area and drink more liquids.



在准备大多数其他类型的考试时, 一定要穿适合考试的衣服. 例如, wearing a turtleneck sweater when having an ultrasound on your neck (甲状腺, 颈动脉, 等.)会使考试很难完成.

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